DNSSEC support in c-ares-1.18.1

Brad House brad at brad-house.com
Thu Jan 13 17:36:53 CET 2022

DNSSEC verification is the responsibility of the DNS server, and not of 
the client side.  The DNS server the client connects to performs the 
actual recursive lookups and performs the DNSSEC validation, so yes, you 
need to make sure the DNS server you are using is trusted.

On 1/13/22 8:11 AM, Anant via c-ares wrote:
> Hi,
> Do we have support for DNSSEC in 1.18.1?
> Iam exploring the src and see that there are some relevant changes in 
> header files but I do not see that in query and answer handling.
> Regards
> Anant
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