Debian considers switching curl to use libssh instead of libssh2

Nicolas Mora nicolas at
Fri Dec 31 02:13:06 CET 2021


I'm the maintainer for the Debian package libssh2.
I didn't know about this bug until you mentioned it Daniel.

I'm sorry if my response is not relevant, I'm the maintainer for not a 
long time so I may be missing some context or background.

I'm wondering if there is a technical or security issue that could 
prevent libssh2 to be replaced by libssh in curl package?

Apart from that, I think the argument "All the other distros are doing 
that, so why not us?" is not relevant.

If there is no reason to choose one libssh or another, then it's a lot 
of time spent for no obvious reason IMHO.


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