ssh certificate support

Felipe Gasper felipe at
Mon Sep 13 19:29:19 CEST 2021

> On Sep 13, 2021, at 12:00 PM, Benjamin C Forsyth via libssh2-devel <libssh2-devel at> wrote:
> I was curious about using ssh certificates with libssh2. I dug around a little and it seemed that support for some of the lower level crypto methods are not available. I wasn't sure if I was doing something incorrect.
> Has anyone done authentication with ssh based certificates using libssh2?

Are you talking about SSL/TLS certificates?

This sounds like telnet-over-TLS, which you’d have to authenticate via a TLS client certificate. I’m not sure if a standard (e.g., standard port) exists for that.

If you don’t need authentication, OpenSSL’s s_client can do what you want. Some netcat implementations (e.g., Eric Jackson’s rewrite) can do that, too.


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