Question about using NULL for public key and determining whether my distro built libssh2 against openssl

Reid Thompson reid.thompson at
Wed Sep 28 02:17:04 CEST 2022

On Tue, 2022-09-27 at 15:52 -0700, Will Cosgrove wrote:
> There isn't currently a runtime check to get what backend libssh2 was
> built against. 
> This has come up from time to time but never been implemented.
> Cheers,
> Will
Thank you for responding.
After hacking about a bit, I was able to utilize the libssh2.pc file
and it's Libs.private:  and other .pc file values to determine whether
it was built against libgcrypt or openssl

looks like in the containers that I'm working with, ubuntu 18.x was
built against libgcrypt, u22 against openssl, rhel7 against openssl.

Thanks again,

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