SHA1 and macOS 13 Ventura

Peter Stuge peter at
Tue Sep 27 20:04:33 CEST 2022

Luc Vandal via libssh2-devel wrote:
> However, they said that libssh2 didn’t support RFC 8332, which
> seems to be incorrect according to what I read in the discussions
> on the GitHub repo (ex:

While commit 64a555d6f5aafed504a10e5b756e85c91b1d56ce was merged into
the master branch of there hasn't
been a release since then.

> I’m very new to libssh2 (I’m not the one who wrote the code 12
> years ago) and don’t know where to start to make it work with
> OpenSSH 9.0.  I can’t find anything in the API that is different. 
> Do I need to compile libssh2 with some particular flags or do I
> need to do something else?

Try building current master and using that in your application.
I guess it will just work<tm>.

Note that building from git is different from building a release
tarball. You'll need the development infrastructure required by the
libssh2 source code; something like autotools or perhaps cmake.

> If anyone could have some pointers for me to get me started that
> would be very appreciated.

We can't really educate you on building the git source, but look
around and you'll find this documented for lots of different projects
and the process is similar for libssh2.

One important thing to care about and get right in the source build
(whether git source build or release tarball build) is the particular
backend you choose for crypto operations. You'll want to choose one
that supports rsa2 operation - at the moment that seems to be
OpenSSL, mbedTLS and WinCNG.


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