SHA1 and macOS 13 Ventura

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Tue Sep 27 14:32:26 CEST 2022


My app has been using libssh2 for over a decade with no problem. However, I noticed that libssh2 would no longer work with macOS 13 beta when authenticating with a PEM key (suing libssh2_userauth_publickey_fromfile_ex). I was told by an Apple engineer that this was because Ventura is using OpenSSH 9.0 and SHA1 was now disabled by default.

The app is using libssh2 1.10.0 and OpenSSL 1.1.1q.

However, they said that libssh2 didn’t support RFC 8332, which seems to be incorrect according to what I read in the discussions on the GitHub repo (ex:

I’m very new to libssh2 (I’m not the one who wrote the code 12 years ago) and don’t know where to start to make it work with OpenSSH 9.0. I can’t find anything in the API that is different. Do I need to compile libssh2 with some particular flags or do I need to do something else?

If anyone could have some pointers for me to get me started that would be very appreciated.


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