Minimum requirements for gcc in order to compile c-ares?

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I’m trying to compile c-ares on a RHEL7 server with gcc/g++ v4.8.5 .  My compilation is failing with many errors, the first of which is as follows:

In file included from ares-test.h:12:0,
./gmock-1.11.0/gtest/gtest.h: In static member function 'static constexpr bool testing::internal::MatcherBase<T>::IsInlined()':
./gmock-1.11.0/gtest/gtest.h:6495:12: error: 'is_trivially_copy_constructible' is not a member of 'std'

Based on a Google search, I infer that my gcc version is too old.  What are the minimum requirements to compile c-ares?

You just need to disable the test cases.  The test cases require a C++11 or higher compiler.  c-ares itself will build fine with any c89 compiler.

If you're using the autotools configure script, just pass --disable-tests  if you're using CMake, you would pass -DCARES_BUILD_TESTS=OFF


[Mun] Thank you very much for your quick and informative response!  The use of --disable-tests did the trick.

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