[RELEASE] c-ares 1.19.0

Daniel Stenberg daniel at haxx.se
Sat Jan 28 23:04:40 CET 2023

Hi friends.

c-ares 1.19.0 was just packaged and uploaded. Available as always from:


c-ares version 1.19.0

This is a feature and bugfix release.  It addresses a couple of new feature
requests as well as a couple of bug fixes.

  o Low. Stack overflow in ares_set_sortlist() which is used during c-ares
    initialization and typically provided by an administrator and not an
    end user. [24]

  o Windows: Drop support for XP and derivatives which greatly cleans up
    initialization code. [3]
  o Add ARES_OPT_HOSTS_FILE similar to ARES_OPT_RESOLVCONF for specifying a
    custom hosts file location. [10]
  o Add vcpkg installation instructions [13]

Bug fixes:
  o Fix cross-compilation from Windows to Linux due to CPACK logic. [1]
  o Fix memory leak in reading /etc/hosts when using localhost fallback. [2]
  o Fix chain building c-ares when libresolv is already included by another
    project [4]
  o File lookup should not immediately abort as there may be other tries due to
    search criteria.
  o Asterisks should be allowed in host validation as CNAMEs may reference
    wildcard domains [5]
  o AutoTools build system referenced bad STDC_HEADERS macro [6]
  o Even if one address class returns a failure for ares_getaddrinfo() we 
    still return the results we have
  o CMake Windows: DLLs did not include resource file to include versions [7] 
  o CMake: Guard target creation in exported config [9]
  o Fix ares_getaddrinfo() numerical address resolution with AF_UNSPEC [11]
  o Apple: fix libresolv configured query times. [12]
  o Fix tools and help information [14] [15]
  o Various documentation fixes and cleanups [16] [22] [25]
  o Add include guards to ares_data.h [17]
  o c-ares could try to exceed maximum number of iovec entries supported by
    system [18]
  o CMake package config generation allow for absolute install paths [19]
  o Intel compiler fixes [20]
  o ares_strsplit bugs [21] [23]
  o The RFC6761 6.3 states localhost subdomains must be offline too. [26]

Thanks go to these friendly people for their efforts and contributions:
   Boby Reynolds (@reynoldsbd)
   Brad House (@bradh352)
   Brad Spencer (@b-spencer)
   Daniel Stenberg (@bagder)
   Dmitry Karpov
   Jonathan Ringer (@jonringer)
   Kai Pastor (@dg0yt)
   Manish Mehra (@mmehra)
   Nikolaos Chatzikonstantinou (@createyourpersonalaccount)
   Ridge Kennedy (@ridgek)
   Sam James (@thesamesam)
   Stephen Sachs (@stephenmsachs)
   Thomas Dreibholz (@dreibh)
(18 contributors)

References to bug reports and discussions on issues:
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  / daniel.haxx.se

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